About Anowara Group

Anowara Group started its journey in 1990 as fabric manufacturer with a small scale of production at Narayangonj under the leadership of its experienced entrepreneurs, aiming to become trendsetter as it is today.


Anowara Group has expanded dramatically over the past three decades and secured a remarkable distinction as an exporting company in this competitive global market.

The Group represents six business enterprises at present and it has expanded its capacity, developed a skilled workforce and introduced integrated technologies to keep in touch with the global trend. It has arduously re-engineered each step of its value-chain to match the dynamism of the fashion market. Diversified and non-stop quest for specialization has made the group a true leader in the face of global competition. Thereby it has acquired a versatile production chain to cater flexible orders in shorter lead time. Anowara has the expertise to manufacture high quality men's t-shirts, polo shirts, etc.

Exporting countries

The Group exports its garments to its customers in France, Germany, South Africa, Japan, Thailand,Australia, UAE-Dubai, Canada, Belgium, Spain, Portugal and Italy, Malaysia, Indonesia

It has emerged as a compliant and customer focused organization. The group is compliant for the BSCI Social Compliance Standard. It has contributed in social development and is reputed as an eco-friendly organization.

Company set up in 1990 in a small way at Narayanganj, the Knitwear Capital of Bangladesh. Anowara has made great strides to become a name to reckon, Annual Turnover is now $80 Millions.

The government of Bangladesh recognizes Anowara Group as one of the pioneers in the Best Workers' Friendly Knitwear industry in the export- oriented readymade garments sector in the country.

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