Factory Information

Anowara Group has successfully achived International Certification for Production, Quality and Labour Employment.

Company set up in 1990 in a small way at Narayanganj, the Knitwear Capital of Bangladesh. Anowara has made great strides to become a name to reckon, Annual Turnover is now $60 Millions.

  • Quality Policy

    With trust in continuous improvement of Productivity, Quality, Service, Relationship and Human Resource to achieve our goal of total customer satisfaction. For this we have a Team of Dedicated Quality Inspectors working 24/7 who works on AQL Standard Process.

  • Infrastructure

    We have state of the Art in house facilities in Knitting, Dyeing, Finishing. We have Dedicated Printing and Embroidery Factory under our Supervision.

  • Knitting

    Software controlled Fabric Engineering Techniques are employed to set and monitor the Fabric Dimensions in Knitting. We have Knitting machines (Circular & Flat Knit) with various gauge and diameters to produce Jersey, Interlock, Polo and Rib etc.

  • Dyeing Unit

    A state of the Art laboratory facilities the Dyeing and Finishing of various fabrics with respect to color fastness and dimension stability according to customer requirement. We use 100 Eco friendly Dyes and Chemicals and our Biological E.T.P (Effluent Treatment Plant) which treats the effluent water. Our production capacity is 28000 Kgs per day. We are an Oekotex Certified Company.

  • Garment Unit

    Garmenting is done in units with proper lighting, good floor space and amenities, Legal and statutory norms with respect to social systems and physical facilities are provided. Inspection of pieces at various stages ensures good quality garments.

  • Printing

    Printing With a capacity of 12000 pcs/day our AKCL printing unit blends technique and technology to create multiple mode of print work maintaining proper compliance standards. This unit has passed multiple audit from various buyers.

Factory Wise Detail Information

Factory Name No. of Staff No. of Running Worker No. of Floor Per Floor Area
Square Feet
Total Area Square Feet
Garments Unit Total Garments Unit Total Garments Unit Total
Anowara Knitting Ltd 34 257 5 5 2688 13440 13440 21048
Anowara Cotton Ltd 45 370 7 7 4505 31535 31535 46050
Anowara Fashions Ltd 117 1193 6 6 12078 72468 72468 104130
Anowara Styles Ltd 27 295 6 6 5523 33138 33138 39500
TOTAL 223 2115 24 24 24794 150581 150581 210728



Factory Name No. of Sewing Line No. of Sewing Machine Machine Qty/ Line Product
Space Running Space Running T Shirt Polo Shirt
Anowara Knitting Ltd 1 1 52 52 Running 1 Line=52 Machines/Line N/A T Shirt
Anowara Cotton Ltd 6 6 150 150 6 Line=25 Machines/ Line N/A T Shirt
Anowara Fashions Ltd 11 11 318 285 Running 5 Lines=30 Machines/Line & Rest 4 Line =24 Machines/ Line. Running 2 Lines= 36 Machines/ Line T Shirt & Polo Shirt
Anowara Styles Ltd 4 4 120 120 4 Lines=30 Machines/ Line N/A T Shirt
Anowara Knit Composite Ltd 19 19 402 365 Running 13 Lines T Shirt=21 Machines/ Line & 3 Lines T Shirt (Single)=11 Machines/ Line Running 3 Line=32 Machines/ Line T Shirt & Polo Shirt

Anowara Knit Composite Ltd.

Particular Number of Staff Number of Workers Number of Floors Per Floor Area Square Feet Total Area Square Feet
Garments Unit 234 1171 5 23500 117500
Dyeing Unit 421 2   47500
Knitting Unit 107 2   36400
Printing Unit 44 1   24500
ETP N/A 2   20000
Utility N/A 1   7665
Yarn Godown N/A 1   20000
Total Floor Area (Square Feet) 273565